Curry talk

Former VJ, now web entrepreneur Adam Curry mentions U2 briefly on his weblog. He writes about the failure of a recent on line chat with Dutch crown prince Willem-Alexander and his bride to be.

KPN, who hosted the chat, say the event was targeted by a DoS-attack, but Curry claims they should have been prepared for it.

He states: “We’ve done 65,000 simultaneous users in a chat with Bono at and even though Bono isn’t [yet] a royal, even that was tough so I can only imagine the traffic for the royal couple.”

Now, if memory serves me right, Bono has never done a chat at, though The Edge has done two. Any readers care to back me up or prove me wrong here? In fact, Curry did write about it on his own website on 6/13/01.

Dutch fans may remember his amusing Countdown interview with Bono and Adam shortly before going on stage at the Feyenoord Stadium, in Rotterdam, 1987. Not particularly eloquent that close to a performance, Bono and Adam told Curry to listen to the amazing crowd. Later, Bono – making a first foray into his ‘ironic’-phase, strummed a few bars of ‘Lucille’.

F.Y.I.,’s servers are located in Curry’s telehousing facility: ‘Databarn‘.