Back in the USA?

[ update 29/1, reports a spokesperson for Interscope Records has denied these rumours ] comes up with a surprising rumour: “A source working at a well-known U.S. university tells that Clear Channel Entertainment is in negotiations for U2 to play a series of live concerts in the U.S. in February. We’re told the plans are for about 12 shows across the country at college arenas, with dates planned in between the Super Bowl performance on Feb. 3rd and the Grammy Awards on Feb. 27th.”

Bloody ‘ell. What was that bit about ‘leaving the audience a bit hungry’ again? Well, to compensate… has a nice cuppa… a gig in good aul’ Blighty lined up for us: London, August 12, 1993. And while you’re downloading mp3s to your heart’s content… please vote for