Critical, celebratory, and cool

But enough of Bono worship and politics, it’s time for some mutual masturbation. We hadn’t yet seen the excellent’s (a site with a voice and a vibe we like) lovely editorial: ‘U2Log has become an indispensable source of U2 news, speculation, and just plain stuff. Back in April, U2Log published a notice about this site, Womanfish. I had just returned from the second San Jose show, and I posted an mp3 of Kite from that show. That was Kite’s debut. I did not realize how wide U2Log’s influence was, but in about 10 days, I got about 14,000 hits.

Thanks, Mark, and thanks for keeping us up to date with all the new mp3s on your site. This week’s Concert of the Week: New York, 1981.

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