Original Lee

We assume you’ve all heard Bono and The Corrs’ collaborations on Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s ‘Summer Wine’. We thought we’d treat you to the original and some background information.

Lee Hazlewood was most known as a composer, but he was also a solo artist, a producer and a label owner. He songs were covered by Sinatra, Dusty Springfield and Elvis and he produced Duane Eddy, Dean Martin and Chet Atkins.

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Keep dreaming, Peter

Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’ has a story on Swedish rockstar Peter Stormare and his band Blonde from Fargo who ‘would have’ opened for U2 in Sweden had they toured this summer. Apparently Peter and Bono are ‘good friends’ and had talked about the possibility. ‘It was a dream for both U2 and us,’ said Peter. The article mentions the two of them met during the Million Dollar Hotel recording.
(story includes photo of Peter and Bono together)

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In the midnight hour

Ah, we remember it well. U2 at the Point Depot, New Year’s Eve 1989. While the world was glued to the radio (or perhaps they were out on the streets getting hammered), we were counting down with Dave Fanning till U2 hit the stage and made the night explode. We hugged our loved ones, screaming ‘Happy New Year’, and U2 put a full stop behind the 80s to ‘dream it all up again’ for the 90’s. BBC 6 Music (the BBC’s new old farts station) are streaming 5 songs from a night to remember.

Good ‘Evans!

And in further wacky news… let us confuse you today with a story of marriage and belly dancers.

We all know that Morleigh Steinberg, the Edge’s wife to be, danced on U2’s Zoo TV tour. You may remember she wasn’t the first belly dancer on the tour. Dancer Christina Petro had preceded her on several shows, including the indoor European leg.

Now… do a search on ‘Christina Petro‘ on Google.com, and take a good look at the first result. It clearly states:

“David Evans was born in PA about 1780 and died in Braxton County VA (WV) after 1850. He married Christina Petro.”

Which makes The Edge 222 years old, and dead-ish. And a bigamist. With a penchant for belly dancers.