That’s What I Want

UK newspaper The Independent gives us yet another profile of Bono, but this time with a few… interesting… editorial additions: One associate says: “Bono is a very personable and sincere man; but never forget he is a breadhead. He is as much into money and the bottom line as Madonna and Mick Jagger. U2 were deeply unhappy when their Zooropa (sic — Zooropa was roughly profitable; Popmart, not so much) tour didn’t make the money they hoped. Their manager Paul McGuinness is a smart manipulator and Bono keeps an eye on these things as well.”

Oasis’s Hindu Times

Oasis, who are (rumoured to be?) touring with U2 this summer in Europe, have a new single called Hindu Times for release on April 15. Straight off Norwegian radio comes this mp3 of it. Just so you know what to expect. But then, you already did.

Not your cup of tea? Then check for a high quality version of the Walk On Grammy performance video.