Presidential Suite

Unsurprisingly, Ali Hewson put the kibosh on rumours that she would run for the presidency of Ireland, saying “she just doesn’t have the time.” It is tough to raise five children (not a typo — you’re forgetting about that one forty-something teenager in black leather…)

We’re also treated to this genius quote: As Ali is married to the great political messiah of the charity world it was only natural to ask her if Bono had ever seriously talked about running for the President’s job? “No way. He has always said he would never move to a smaller house for anything.” (Thanks to @U2)

When It’s Time To Party They Will Party Hard

“We were celebrating right in the seats. We had our Evian water bottles, but they were all vodka. Yeah, that’s the modern trickery. Everybody walks around with a bottle of water these days so you can walk through even the most strong-armed guards if you’ve got a water bottle. But we had our vodka in there.”

Finally, Daniel Lanois gives a coherent excuse for Bono’s Grammy Awards speech(es). And for the unforgivable sin of interrupting The Edge… think of the wisdom he could’ve imparted when that drunk… (Thanks to

Big Noise

The Big Noise is a rather interesting twist on the old sign-a-petition school of activism; it’s an interactive web project by Oxfam to register public opinion on the issue of fair global trade. Bono endorses it:

“Away from calamity and physical circumstances, there’s often a structural aspect to poverty in the developing world. We’ve had some success raising awareness about the burden of old debt, and we must now also focus on the unfair trade status of these most fragile and seedling economies. Oxfam has got it right. It wouldn’t cost much to change the rules of trade so that poor countries can work their way out of poverty. But the world’s leaders won’t act unless they hear enough people telling them. And every day they fail to act, thousands of people die because they can’t afford the basics of survival.”

Andrea Sez: Happy Birthday!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me, Ms. Corr, and the rest of the crew in wishing a warm Happy Birthday to VonB, founder and guiding light of She’s celebrating with some much-needed time-off in the company of friends.

And by the way, when we asked our… ahem… independent contractor to deliver the gift you see above, we had no idea he’d agree to do it for free.

Now can we please get some positivity in them there comments? ;-D

( does not endorse the dismemberment and/or devouring of popstars, annoying ones or otherwise. No Corrs were in fact harmed in the making of this graphic. Unfortunately.)

‘Strong Words

‘I don’t subscribe to the Artist as God school of thought.’ And yet he’s pals with Bono. Composer/musician Craig Armstrong, who we’ve written about before, has launched a new website to promote his current album, As If To Nothing ($ US / UK), which is now on sale. We think it’s a damn spiffy batch of music, so we’re plugging it. If you’d like to take a look at some promotional materials for the album, then go here, where you’ll also find a stream of the re-version of ‘Stay (Faraway, So Close!)’ that we’ve blogged before, as well as a stream of the full video for ‘Wake Up In New York,’ the album’s current single (both the song and the video are quite beautiful indeed). And as always there’s a mailing address that promises the potential of free schtuff.

Bono In Africa

Debt-relief foes in Congress have warned that the benefits of debt cancellation would never reach the poor. We found the opposite. In each country that we visited on this trip – Malawi, Uganda, Ghana – the government is pursuing a meticulous and transparent process to ensure that budgetary savings from debt relief are actually channeled into urgent social sectors. The problem is not waste or corruption, the problem is that the extent of help from the United States and Europe is so meager in the face of the enormous crisis.

A piece about AIDS in Africa by Bono’s current brother-in-arms, Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs. The piece goes on to mention a solo performance by Bono of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ in Malawi last February, during one of his fact-finding missions. (Thanks to our anonymous tipster)

Side Swipe

April at Understandishable has written a hilariously excoriating attack on Bono. It’s even got a diagram (to accompany the memorable quote “It’s like he’s too cool to stand up straight or something”). We nearly peed we were laughing so hard…

(The usual standards of human decency apply — please do not flame her for having an opinion which differs from your own. We shouldn’t have to say that, you know.) ( And thanks, Kevin.)

UPDATE: This piece is no longer available.

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Ali 4 Prez

Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson, has reportedly been asked to run for President of Ireland by the Irish Labour Party. So sayeth The Daily Record. In other news, Bono immediately tried to get his picture taken with her. (By the way, even if this is true, we don’t find it terribly likely — Ali generally hates the spotlight. But maybe Bono’s had her in messiah training all this time…)