Happy Birthday, Summer Rules

Did we mention U2log.com’s two years old? We didn’t. Because we forgot. Well, here’s to us, here’s to U2 and here’s to our loyal readers. Special thanks to all of you who take the trouble sending in news items. We appreciate your efforts, even if we don’t always follow up on them. So keep ’em coming.

Meanwhile, we’re playing Summer Rules at U2log.com. News is scarce, the weather’s hot and our editors are anywhere but here. We can’t keep an eye on things 24/7, so comments are off till further notice.

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Square Sept 5?

The NYPost says the city of New York is planning a Times Square party on September 5 to kick off the NFL season. “Sources said U2, which played at this year’s Super Bowl, has already been lined up, and other top rock stars are expected, including Jon Bon Jovi.”

The official NFL press release does not mention U2 at all. Bon Jovi are headlining. [via atu2.com]

No Play

U2achtung reports on a copy of U2’s new single ‘Electric Storm’ which (by way of a birthday present) has allegedly ended up in the hands of a BBC DJ. Island records have informed the BBC they will not be allowed to play the track.

The single will be released to radio on September 16 and be released October 21. The second new track on the ‘Best of’ compilation will be ‘The hands that built America’.

Best Live Poll

Yes, it’s another spine tingling poll at Rolling Stone. ‘What’s the best live band on the planet.’ Choose between Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Pearl Jam. It appears ‘the planet’ means USA and Ireland.

Best of done

More news from the studio in Dublin: On Friday, Bono – on his way to the airport – told fans that work on the “Best Of” compilation was completed that day at 6 AM.