Possible new song titles are starting to surface around the traps. The folk over at mention that the new single may be called “Electric Storm”, as reported in a Sydney newspaper. Whilst @U2 mention further titles such as ‘All Because Of You” and “Origin of the Species.”

Word from The Edge

One of’s editors spoke to The Edge and Bono outside U2’s studio in Dublin today. Asked how recording was going The Edge answered the band has ‘so many new tunes’ a new record could be made out of it.
{pic. w/ thx 2 Mary, click to enlarge)

The Edge continued stating they ‘just didn’t have the time’ for that, because ‘the record company wants a record for Christmas (probably the single release), they’re doing the Greatest Hits with two new songs, and (and he seemed most excited about this) they are remixing the Pop album.

Bono added that the band is pressed for time and close to missing deadlines.

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My Emmy

Huge slackers that we are this summer, we missed the fact that U2’s Elevation 2001 DVD is up for an Emmy Award: “Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special”. Congrats to the lads at Dreamchaser, and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

Bono @ the Beeb

Eric at reports the BBC are making a documentary on Bono’s life to be aired this Autumn. The information was passed on by the owner of the plane U2 used during their Elevation tour. The BBC filmed the aircraft and interviewed the PrivatAir pilot who flew the band.