Chip in

We don’t want to create a precedent here, but – for obvious reasons – we rather feel for Chip, who wrote to us:

To all U2 fans,
My local radio station here in the states, 98q (WDAQ 98.3 FM Danbury, Connecticut) recently received a copy of Electrical Storm that shipped in a plain brown wrapper. I called to see if they had it and they said they did, but have yet to play it because the station is run by management that hasn’t felt the need to air it yet. That’s why i am asking as many people as possible to email the station to request Electrical Storm, and hopefully the boys will get on the air and I can stop listening to the Corrs. Thanks.

[update: the song’s been added to the playlist! No further action required]

The Little Mermaid

From our mailbox comes the following suggestion: “Electrical Storm is based on The Little Mermaid by H.C.Andersen”. The song? The video? Both? Who knows. It’s an interesting train of thought, anyway.

“It was very late; yet the little mermaid could not take her eyes from the ship, or from the beautiful prince. [ … ] A dreadful storm was approaching; once more the sails were reefed, and the great ship pursued her flying course over the raging sea.”

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Fanning the flames

Tune in to Dave Fanning on 2FM as he’s got the world exclusive premiere of U2’s new single, Electrical Storm, tonight between 7 and 8pm GMT. The “video single” was “especially flown in from L.A. this afternoon”.
(Link via

Unfortunately, the real audio stream of this broadcast conked out (on purpose?) and net listeners were treated to a lot of dead air. However, a number of American and Canadian stations have been playing the single today:

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Let it rain

This morning, radio station y100 in Philadelphia (USA) reported that as of tomorrow they, and other stations, will be allowed to play “Electrical Storm”. Whether this means they will be allowed to play the BBC’s version or another mix is unknown. [source: Natalie] has issued the following statement: “Listen up! The new U2 single, Electrical Storm is set for radio play in the US as early as this week, as soon as production work on the track is finished.” (more at

“Song about a mermaid we met once” have published an article from MTV News about the filming of U2’s video for Electrical Storm. The Anton Corbijn directed video sees Larry Mullen hugging a mermaid.

The mermaid in question is played by Samantha Morton, best known for her role in “Minority Report”. She will also star in Irish director Jim Sheridan’s new semi-autobiographical film “East of Harlem“, the soundtrack of which is currently being recorded by Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer. The team (musicians and Sheridan crew) is working on the final edit this week on a soundstage in London. [source: GF]

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