Orbital Storm

To answer a question asked by one of our readers, it looks like the new U2 track was indeed produced by William Orbit. This was confirmed on Orbit’s own mailing list. [source: TC]

Bono’s Hole

On the Arte TV channel tonight, Hermann Vaske asked Bono the question “Why are you creative?” Have a look at the drawing Bono made to answer the question. You can see the entire interview at U2France.com. Click the Real Video links at the bottom of the page.

It’s a demo, damnit

Marco Sorrentino, manager of Mercury/Universal Italy, says the BBC’s version of Electrical Storm is “just a demo”. He was quoted by Italian music website “Rockol“. (info via Germana)

Buy Elvis…

… get Bono free. The Elvis documentary “From The Waist Up” which is narrated by Bono is now available on DVD and VHS. Buy it as part of an Elvis Box set or separate DVD. More info at Rhino Records. Order from Amazon.com: DVD/VHS.

Multiple Storms

U2archive.com reports the following: The version of Electrical Storm as played by BBC/Radio 1 is NOT the version which was played earlier this year for Universal employees. Supposedly, there are currently 5 versions of it. (source: Didi, via mailing list)

New single aired: stormy weather

At 9.45 this morning (GMT) English DJ Sarah HB played U2’s new single ‘Electrical Storm’ on BBC1.

U2Guatemala.com is offering Mp3 downloads (mirror1, mirror2), we’ve got it in Real Audio.
(thx to GP)

On first impression this song has trademark U2isms, pathos with a hint of hope, Bono singing the weather report. A deceptively uplifting tune with bittersweet lyrics that vaguely recall a Billie Holiday song. Sink or swim, love is all, all hard work, give and take come rain or shine. We think it’s a grower.

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