25 Years revisited

We received a second translation of Bono’s French article. Interestingly, in effort to bring back some of Bono’s original writing, the author has partly translated this word for word, and partly replaced it with previous quotes of Bono’s. (updated again on Dec 1st)

Translation by Patti Culliton:

The end of the 1970s saw the beginning of U2. An adventure based on friendship and politics that has withstood time.
On a beautiful September afternoon 2001, I went walking in the streets of Venice. Absorbed in my walk, I soon realize that I no longer knew where I was. I was lost. So I went into a hotel, smiling at the irony of the hotel name, a symbol of our times it was called: The American. Once inside, I asked for directions. But no one answered me; everyone was glued to the television screen. All they said to me was:

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