Who’s the boss?

Bono and Dave Stewart joined Bruce Springsteen on stage for “Because the Night” in Miami last night. Springsteen is currently touring to promote “The Rising” (from alt.music.bruce-springsteen and Backstreets.com)

A fan at the concert reports Bono went around the stage to greet all the members of the band then turned to the microphone, greeted the crowd and gave them the peace sign which apparently brought the house down. “He didn’t have to say a word, the whole place lit up.”

“You are not only a credit to the world of music, but to humanity itself.”

Bono received a humanitarian award from The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Monday, Nov 18. Besides Dr. Ira Lipman, Bono also received high praise from others such as Bill Clinton (“(You) have been one of the most inspiring examples of using celebrity for the common good that
I have ever witnessed”) and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (“Bono has found ways to touch the hearts of millions…in all walks of life, in all stages of life around the world”). (thanks to youtwo.net)

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Jools and Bono Dress ya up

A preview of Bono’s Big Velvet Band Dress with Jools Holland can be found on the More Friends album’s mini site. Don’t miss out on other pearls… Bryan Ferry’s The Only Face, Marianne Faithfull’s You got to serve somebody, and Fun Lovin Huey’s Fly Me to the Moon. Even the Stereophonics are finally palatable with the First Time Ever I saw Your Face. A star packed disc perfect to brighten up your maudlin Christmas, but perhaps not rockin’ enough for the kids. (Order from Amazon.co.uk)

Into The Chart

The Best Of 1990-2000 holds two American chart positions this week: the single-disc version of the album shipped to stores this past week, and entered the Billboard chart at #34; meanwhile, inventory copies of the bonus-disc B-Sides edition stayed on the chart just above that, at #27. And if you’re a pedantic chart-position freak like moi, feel free to click that “More” link for an expanded breakdown…

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Playboy Mansioned

Tim Hurley from Yonkers, New York, has covered Playboy Mansion. We don’t often offer downloads off our own server because we fear the spork of our ISP but what the hell… go easy on us. (It’s a 5.6mb .wma file) Hurley wants feedback and says he’ll bear whatever flames you’ve got, but U2log.com readers are lovely and friendly and fluffy and will be kind but firm.

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