Predictable Predictions

In today’s Irish Mirror, Ireland’s top psychic Una Power provides her predictions for the year 2003. Among her many predictions, she foretells that Bono will continue to pursue his goal to wipe out Third World debt and make a “major breakthrough with a tide of support when showbiz, religious, and sports people across the globe unite with him in his noble fight.” Power further predicts that by September, he will have achieved a “significant breakthrough” and be hailed as a hero in Africa. Finally, she predicts Bono will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

With the exception of the Nobel Peace Prize, didn’t everything else happen in 2002?

Interestingly, Power also predicts that Bono’s friend Bruce Springsteen will lead a revolt against George W. Bush in 2003 and be asked to run as a political candidate. Power says if the Boss agrees to run, he will succeed.

“Let’s Take the Kids to the Track!”

The Irish Mirror reports that Bono was among the 16,000 race fans who flocked to the Leopardstown Races on St. Stephen’s Day (Dec. 26). Bono was spotted in the stands with his wife Ali and their family at the traditional post-Christmas horse racing event.

For the first four races, it poured rain, causing almost all of the racegoers to run for the stands.

No word on whether the Hewsons got wet or made any bets.


“U2 sold out!” It’s something you’ll find in forums a lot, disgruntled fans screaming the band sold out on their punk ideals. Every year. Every album. Every single. A tired argument, really, because in effect, yes, they sold out the minute they decided they wanted to be the biggest bestest baddest band in the world. Which was rather early on in their career. But anyway. Here’s an article that says they really haven’t sold out. Oh yes they ha-haave! Oh no they haven’t! Ad infinitum.

The Hands that Built a Single

A CD single of ‘The Hands That Built America’ will be released on
February 17th, coinciding with the the European premiere of the film Gangs of New York.

More info on this and the soundtrack release and mix of the song from “The Hands that Built America (Theme from Gangs of New York): Written and performed by U2. Featuring Sharon Corr, Violin and Andrea Corr, Tin Whistle. Produced by the Edge.”

American Prayer: a closer look

Occasionally, people send in their views on topics discussed at We thought it might be a good idea to start sharing our readers’ thoughts with you. Patti Culliton sent in the following essay on the song “American Prayer” which Bono showcased at his recent ‘Heart of America’ speaking tour.