A Night at the Movies

Edge, Morleigh, Paul McGuinness, and Gavin Friday were among the celebrities who attended the Dublin premiere of “Frida,” a film about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo yesterday. Bono was scheduled to attend the premiere, but could not due to an injured back, reports ShowBiz Ireland. Photos of everyone at ShowBiz Ireland…

A Bowery Cover Discovery

Digging deep into our vault of U2 covers we found what we believe to be one of the first commercially released covers of a U2 song. It was recorded live at the Bowery, Oklahoma City, November 11 1984, and released at the end of 1984 under the title “The S**t Hits The Fans.”
u2log.com is not overly proud to present to you The Replacements‘ version of I Will Follow.
Note that this is just a brief snippet of the song, as a reviewer of the show properly points out: “A great sounding, amusing show in which the Mats take requests and perform 30 second versions of a lot of hits (other people’s hits, of course).”
If you know of a U2 cover that was commercially released prior to this one, please let us know.

U2 can do a limerick

Pitchfork Media reviews the “Best of” – possibly not a very new review, but we hadn’t read it yet. Though we find it amusing, (“This CD is for the fairweather fans who can afford the good seats at U2 shows; it’s a coarse chronicle of a band inarguably masterful at creating four-minute forty-second atmospheres in which Bono pants and prolongs his falsetto triple-threat of “heeeee,” “hooooo,” and “hiiiiii.” “) we were more interested in the rather weak limerick featured in it. Knowing that our readers are all smart, literate and funny people, we thought we’d ask you to do better. Because you can. Take it away, readers of u2log.com:

Power to the Peaceful

An anti-war protest in Dublin drew approximately 50,000 people to the city center on Saturday. Demonstrators marched through the city to the Department of Foreign Affairs to voice their opposition to President Bush’s plans for war on Iraq. Spotted among the protestors were Bono and Christy Moore, who “mixed with happy go lucky marchers,” according to The People. Gardi report no serious incidences resulted from the protest.