Peace Songs

Jamaican-born producer and recording artist Jarvis Church has recorded U2’s “One” for “Peace Songs,” a double CD to benefit War Child Canada. Proceeds from the charity compilation, which includes songs from Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams and Moby, will aid war-affected children in Iraq. The album is scheduled for release on April 15. (Source: Toronto Sun)

Bono and the Missus

This photo was snapped at Mortons in West Hollywood during the Vanity Fair party — the party to attend following the Oscars. Us magazine (the source of our scan) reports that Bono and Ali “acted like newlyweds” at the party full of A-list celebs.

According to the magazine, the two also attended the Governor’s Ball, which immediately followed the Oscars ceremony. There they chatted with Colin Farrell and his pregnant girlfriend.

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Gangs on DVD

Collectors take note: Miramax Home Entertainment has announced the street date of “Gangs of New York.” The Martin Scorsese film will be available on DVD on July 1 and will include U2’s video for “The Hands That Built America.” (Source: Video Business)

Miss Sarajevo Is Da Bomb

During a time of war, UK music television and radio executives are reviewing their playlists and removing songs that could remind people of war, reports The Times. Execs say that banning certain songs is required so as not to upset listeners and advertisers.

U2’s video for “Miss Sarajevo” is among the videos banned from being shown on MTV Europe because of the images of weapons and explosions that appear in it. Videos depicting war or those with words such as “war” or “bomb” in the song title are being blacklisted. readers mailing list

Last night some of our readers started talking about the Oscars in the comments of an unrelated post. We don’t want to encourage this as we are not a forum or a chat board and we’d like to preserve our bandwidth for our regular posts. But we don’t want to be complete spoil sports either, so we’ve opened up a U2log readers mailing list at There’s a chat feature and some file and photo share functionality there too. Enjoy!

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  • Adoring Bono

    “There is a possibility — a slim one, but a possibility nonetheless — that on this night, after his speech ends, I will meet my hero. There is a chance that I will finally come face-to-face with Bono,” writes Jen Chaney in The Washington Post.

    Chaney describes her obsession with Bono and U2 in a prose that will have many fans identifying with her. Some fans, however, will shudder at the extremeness of her devotion. (“I made ‘meeting Bono’ the No. 1 item on my list of things to do before I die.”)