Bono praises prez

CNN quotes Bono, commenting on U.S. President Bush’s initiative to put $15 billion towards the fight against AIDS in Africa:

“This event at the White House shows how the president’s renewed and reinvigorated leadership on AIDS is matched by leaders on both sides of Congress and the leadership of the American people.”

Separated at Birth?


A blurb in the Boston Globe that stated many guests at the Bloomberg News party in Washington D.C. Saturday night mistakenly identified actor John Corbett as Bono caught my eye. Curious to know how anyone could mistake the “Sex in the City” actor for the singer of the world’s greatest rock and roll band, I tracked down a photo of Corbett at the party and placed it next to one of Bono. Look-alikes or not? You decide.

Big Apple

Apple Computer launched an online music service and a new range of “iPod” portable music players today. “Exclusive” (i.e. fans have seen them before) U2 tracks (including the acoustic “Stuck In A Moment” and a Boston live version of “Beautiful Day”) were cited during CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote speech on the new products. Also included was footage of Bono lovingly stroking the new iPods. (Via

  • Direct link to .mov of Job’s keynote speech.
  • U2 Invited to Stage Concert in Cork

    U2 have been invited to perform as part of the program for 2005’s EU Capital of Culture, which will be Cork, Ireland. The Irish Independent reports that program officials, headed by director John Kennedy (who has served as U2’s production and tour manager in the past), hope that U2 will agree to put on a concert at the Pairc Ui Chaoimh. U2 last performed in Cork in August 1993 during the Zooropa tour.