Bono contributes to Brood book

Dutch newspaper ‘De Haagsche Courant’ reports on a new book (third in a series) by Dutch poet/writer Bart Chabot about Dutch musician and painter Herman Brood. Brood committed suicide a few days before the Elevation tour reached The Netherlands.

According to the paper, U2 requested Brood to design the cover of their Best-of 90-00. (Although by the time this request got to Amsterdam, Brood had already died). Chabot conducted an hour long phone interview with Bono the results of which will be added to the manuscript which is already with the publishers.

In an interview arranged by Anton Corbijn, Chabot and Bono talked for an hour about the way in which Bono and Brood got to know each other, and the importance of Brood’s paintings. Chabot: “Talking with someone like [Bono] means you have to shift gears. It was about the importance of art in society, Africa, peace on earth… It’s not just anyone you’re talking to.”

The book will be published in September 2003.
(link via Roeli)