Marketing Genius

Daniel Lanois credits Bono for naming his new album Shine. Lanois told the Canadian Press that he originally planned to call his album Steel, after his pedal steel guitar, but Bono suggested a different title.

“The art department had it laid out and I spoke to Bono and he says, ‘No, no, no. Call it Shine.’ He said, ‘What’s the picture?’ I’ve only got one picture of me — night-time shot and I’m standing in front of the headlight of my motorcycle. He says ‘Perfect. Coming out of darkness.’ He’s such a marketing genius.”

The man behind the curtain

Keyboardist Terry Lawless is interviewed in the Daily Nonpareil, your source for southwest Iowa news. Terry has worked with David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, Cher and U2: “When the haunting opening notes of “Where the Streets Have No Name” open a show, that is Lawless on the keyboards.”

Lawless mentions going back on the road with U2 after his current stint with Cher.
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Ali Reveals Plans

At the Meteor Awards last month, Bono refused to comment on whether he and Ali are considering purchasing a $14.7 million apartment in New York City (see Spiffy Digs). Ali, however, has broken the silence on the topic and told the Sunday Independent that the two are indeed considering adding the expensive two-bedroom New York pad to their list of homes.

Ali also revealed that she, Bono, concert promoter Denis Desmond, and two Irish dentists have organized a charity ball, called the Tooth Fairy Ball, to raise funds for a dental clinic in Africa. The ball will be held at the Kilmainham Royal Hospital on May 23.

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Bono contributes to Brood book

Dutch newspaper ‘De Haagsche Courant’ reports on a new book (third in a series) by Dutch poet/writer Bart Chabot about Dutch musician and painter Herman Brood. Brood committed suicide a few days before the Elevation tour reached The Netherlands.

According to the paper, U2 requested Brood to design the cover of their Best-of 90-00. (Although by the time this request got to Amsterdam, Brood had already died). Chabot conducted an hour long phone interview with Bono the results of which will be added to the manuscript which is already with the publishers.

In an interview arranged by Anton Corbijn, Chabot and Bono talked for an hour about the way in which Bono and Brood got to know each other, and the importance of Brood’s paintings. Chabot: “Talking with someone like [Bono] means you have to shift gears. It was about the importance of art in society, Africa, peace on earth… It’s not just anyone you’re talking to.”

The book will be published in September 2003.
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Chris Thomas to produce new U2 album?

Daniel Lanois is interviewed in Hot Press Magazine (reg. req.). Asked whether he is working on the new U2 album, he says:

“No, I’m not. I just saw Paul McGuinness a couple of nights ago. They’re in the studio with Chris Thomas (Roxy Music, Sex Pistols, Pretenders). I spoke with Bono about it, he said ‘Well, we decided to go old school’ and obviously I’m not available ‘cos I’m working on my record.”

Chris Thomas produced classic albums such as Roxy Music’s For Your Pleasure, the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks, INXS’s Listen Like Thieves and Pulp’s Different Class.

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U2 to Attend Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

According to a press release from the Special Olympics, U2 are among the celebrities who will be participating in the Special Olympics opening ceremony in Dublin on June 21. The press release does not indicate whether the band will perform or simply make an appearance at the ceremony.

Athough tickets to the opening ceremony are free, they will be hard to obtain. Tickets will first be distributed to participants and their families, coaches, and supporters before they’re made available to the general public. The ceremony will be aired live on RTE.