Edge’s Wild Time

The topic of Tuesday’s “Talk of the Nation” program on National Public Radio was funny letters from famous people. Host Neal Conan invited listeners to call in and share their stories about receiving funny letters from celebrities. One listener named Tina called in to tell her tale about receiving a letter from The Edge.

An excerpt from the show’s transcript follows.

Tina: “Ok…I think it was 1986. I forget which tour it was, but I was in South Beach at a restaurant called The Strand, and in walks the band U2. And so my friend and I, we decided we were going to buy them all drinks, and we did. And a line proceeded to form around them wanting their attention. And I went up to Bono and said, ‘I know of a bar where everybody’s so drunk no one will recognize you.’ So he said, ‘Really?’ and I said, ‘Yes, and they have a pool table,’ even though I knew at the time that the pool table was not in operation. So he was interested, and it turned out that him and the guitarist, Edge, came up to me after they were done at their dinner and said, ‘Yeah, we’re ready to go to that bar.’ And so he said, ‘We just have to, you know, let our bodyguard know.’ And the guy says, ‘No way.’ And I said, ‘Come on, don’t worry about it. They’ll be fine.’ So they came out with me and my friend and we proceeded to do tequila shots, and it turns out a couple of drunks did recognize them and tried to start a fight and everything. And then after that I took them to a strip club.

And about a week later I got a letter from Edge–you know, and I thought this was just par for the course with your average rock band, you know. And anyways, I got a letter a week later from The Edge from his next–I don’t know–later show in Phoenix, I think it was, or Tucson, Arizona. And he writes to me, he says, ‘It was a wild time that we had. I have a hard time believing it actually happened.’ And I thought that was so peculiar coming from a rock star. So I guess I was wilder than he was. I don’t know.”

You may listen to audio from the show at NPR’s web site.