Irish Blood, English Heart

Steven Patrick Morrissey graces the cover of the June issue of newish Brit music magazine ‘Word’ (a kind of ‘Q’ for the next generation). ‘Word’ talks to the L.A. resident and asks him: ‘Who do you admire?’. He answers:

“There are certain people in modern pop who I am very impressed with. People like Bono and Noel Gallagher. I like them enormously. I understand Bono and I think he is worth supporting. When you meet him, you can see why he is very good at that ambassadorial role. That’s a gift. I’ve met him a few times. The first time was when I presented an award to him in Belfast about six years ago, and we talked at length. You can see he’s a very loving and decent person and actually not remotely pretentious.”

Morrissey’s about to sign to the Sanctuary Music Group and recording of his new album “Irish Blood, English Heart” should happen this summer.