Novel Comments from the Novellos

U2 were jocular as they accepted the Outstanding Song Collection Award at the Ivor Novello Awards today in London.

“”I thought it would be a good opportunity to announce today that I’d like to alter the songwriting credits. I’d like it to read God, Friendship, My Mother, Ambition…Being in a band is a remarkable thing and it’s very humbling. I look back over the years and think I haven’t written one song on my own. If it wasn’t for these guys, I wouldn’t have really amounted to much.”
–The Edge

“No one really listens to the words. They don’t know how hard it is staring at a blank page, living in Ireland and it’s raining… always raining. The melancholy comes from the rain. No, actually I sit in a big house in the south of France — paid for by my extensive back catalogue — saying this is a f***ing Beautiful Day.”