Right Said Bono


Bono is interviewed by Aengus Fanning in today’s Sunday Independent (Ireland). The two-part interview took place the day Bono spoke to the World Newspaper Congress. Part two will be published next week.

“I saw a picture of myself”, he says. “I guess I would have been 21, just about to make one of our first videos, and there was a look in the eye that was really striking: I think it was naivety. And somebody, a journalist, standing by, asked me, ‘What would you say to that person…’ – like your son – ‘… who is starting out on his journey?’ And I said, ‘You’re right.’ And there was no arrogance in that remark because I was right in a way then more than I am now. Because you learn fear. You learn to watch your step. You sacrifice your innocence for experience. You think that that is what will make you a better writer. You think that, but you are wrong. Clarity is what makes you a better writer: clear thinking. You have all that, in your first face.”

(Thanks to Emmett, who also informed us Welsh troubadour David Gray covered both One and I Will Follow at a concert in Killarney, Co. Kerry, last weekend. Thanks to Jonathan for the scans.)

No Band Bigger Nor Music Better

U2log.com’s Patrick Lynch reports on the Special Olympics opening ceremony.

7.05pm – 10, 9, 8, 7…After much rehearsal and Mexican wave practise, the 2003 Special Olympic Games went live on air from Dublin. Irish comedian and TV host Patrick Kielty welcomed a capacity crowd that included more than 7,000 special needs athletes from all corners of the globe, their family, friends, coaches, crews, and minders.

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Special Olympics Soundcheck

Unofficial sources at Croke Park report that U2 rehearsed both One and Pride (In the Name of Love) for today’s Special Olympics Opening. They performed an instrumental version of One without Bono, before rehearsing a full version of One and a full version of Pride. Bono and the band thanked everyone watching before leaving the stadium.

Also from Dublin: The manager of PC Superstore in Coolock Retail Park bought Bono’s old Ambassadors Mercedes at a charity auction and has it displayed in the store.

(Thanks to Martin for the info)