Peter and the Wolf update

Have you pre-ordered the Peter and the Wolf boxed set? No? Well, think again. reveals a little more of its contents:

  • The cover you’ve seen is the cover of the box that holds the book and CD.
  • The image on the box is ‘Peter’ ( wearing fly glasses ) and the wolf, drawn by Bono.
  • The book’s cover will be a single picture of Peter, the CD will just have the wolf on it
  • The CD will be a digipack. “Sleeve notes” will be in the book.
  • The CD (described to us as an “E-CD”) will contain the music as recorded by the Friday/Seezer Ensembe and narration by Gavin, bio’s of the musicians, plus video outtakes of Bono painting with his kids and the Friday/Seezer Ensemble recording the music.
  • The enhanced CD is being put together by Sebastian Clayton.
  • Bono’s drawing of the story’s cat is apparently based on his wife. The feline’s wearing a bra. The drawing of Peter’s grandfather’s based on Bono’s own grandfather.
  • The main drawings/paintings were done by Bono, the filigree work is done by his daughters Eve and Jordan.
  • The paintings are quite humourous wherease the music/narration will be a little naughty in typical Friday-fashion. The whole thing is said to be ‘cute and arty’.

We hope to be able to show you some images from the book and cd soon.

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