Cutting Edge

Holosonic Research Labs, a Boston area audio technology company, is working with U2 to design a unique audio spotlight system for the band’s next tour. Audio spotlight is a technology that allows sound to be directed at or projected against a particular location. Specifically, Holosonics is working to create a system in which the sound generated from Edge’s guitar can be “flown over” to swoop an audience.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, F. Joseph Pompei, the founder of Holosonics, discussed the project with U2: “U2 kept coming by the lab [see pic], and eventually we went out to L.A. and took measurements to see what it would take to get the Edge’s guitar sound to fly around. We’re working on that design now.”

Holosonics is involved with Media Lab Europe, and Edge’s interest in the company’s audio spotlight technology may explain why he recently joined Media Lab’s board of directors.