3 Gigs In A Day

According to two very credible sources in the Swedish media and concert industry, U2 played a third gig on the night of February 9, 1981, after having played both at M

Phoenix Park Gig Unlikely

Representatives for concert promoter MCD Productions have dismissed the rumor that U2 are planning to perform at Phoenix Park next summer.

The park is available to only three major music events each year, with two of those concerts required to be free. MCD Productions told the Irish Independent (reg. req.) that the concert being planned at the park in 2004 is with a different band. If U2 want to perform at Phoenix Park next year, they will have to petition the Department of the Environment for permission.

Peterwolf.org online


The Irish Hospice Foundation’s website to promote the Peter and the Wolf project has gone live.

Point your browser at: www.peterwolf.org

The boxed set containing a CD by Friday/Seezer and book by Bono can be ordered from the site as well as a fully illustrated Christie’s catalogue for the auction of Bono’s illustrations.

Ordering from peterwolf.org (instead of Amazon) ensures no money goes to 3rd parties.

Deceived and Violated

We have a few follow-ups on earlier stories. Remember the story about Irish artist Niall O’Loughlin and his commission to draw a caricature of Bono (see Blockhead)? It seems the woman who made the request for the drawing on Bono’s behalf was really a con artist. The Sunday Mirror reports the woman is in jail for defrauding the company she worked for of 25,000 Euro. O’Loughlin hopes Bono realizes that he is not associated with the con artist.

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