Deceived and Violated

We have a few follow-ups on earlier stories. Remember the story about Irish artist Niall O’Loughlin and his commission to draw a caricature of Bono (see Blockhead)? It seems the woman who made the request for the drawing on Bono’s behalf was really a con artist. The Sunday Mirror reports the woman is in jail for defrauding the company she worked for of 25,000 Euro. O’Loughlin hopes Bono realizes that he is not associated with the con artist.

The Sunday Mirror also reports that Nancy Sinatra did not seek permission from Bono to record “Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad” (see A Sinatra Sings “Two Shots…”). The U2 singer was reportedly surprised to learn that Ms. Sinatra used the demo he originally sent to her father for her own use. An article in The People says Bono’s attorneys have already issued a warning to Ms. Sinatra and threatened to take legal action if she uses the song on her next album.