It’s No Secret at All

Today’s Irish Mirror reveals some of the “secrets” from Lola Cashman’s book “Inside the Zoo.” Fans waiting for salacious details about the band are going to be disappointed because Cashman’s secrets are not secrets at all. Among Cashman’s grand revelations are:

  1. Bono wears special shoes to boost his height.
  2. Bono is careful not to pose for photos with celebrities who are taller than he is.
  3. The band like to party and drink all night on their tours.
  4. The band carefully review publicity photos before their release.

Sorry, but these are not revelations that will “stun the music world,” as the Mirror predicts. These are details that most fans are already aware of (mind you, the second claim is ridiculous) and rather dull. If this is as nasty as it gets, U2 have nothing to worry about the release of “Inside the Zoo.” U2 fans are not going to become disillusioned with the band. Music fans are fully aware that rock stars like to party and are concerned about their appearances.