Bono and the Edge appear on Late Late Show

The Edge and Bono both appeared on RTE’s Late Late Show’s Tribute to Jim Sheridan presented by Pat Kenny on Friday evening.

Bono revealed the band had been working in London on using string sections for three on three tracks but had to bin it because ‘the songs were crap’. The Edge said they would have to start from scratch to rework them. (quotes paraphrased from memory)

After being interviewed by Kenny, they were joined by Daniel Lanois to perform Falling at your feet.

Earlier in the day, Bono appeared on ArtZone on Lyric FM, RTE, in a taped interview (windows media) in which he talks very briefly about Peter and the Wolf and the sadness involved in drawing the pictures. There’s also an interview at USA Today. Check the right hand column for an additional real audio excerpt.

Spanish Pilgrimage? reports U2 will be the headlining act at the Xacobeo 2004 festival in Spain. It credits a Spanish newspaper, La Voz de Galicia, for the story. But should anyone believe what La Voz prints? La Voz also reports the band’s next album may be called “Solar,” which has already been confirmed as false information.

Update: a Spanish fan claims to have contacted the Xacobeo 2004 organisation and was told nothing was signed with the band (U2) yet.

Live Talking: Q&A with the Author of ‘U2 Live’

“Some time after the Zoo TV tour, the book U2 Live: A Concert Documentary dropped into my lap and left me speechless. Being something of an archivist myself I was deeply impressed by such a comprehensive history of U2’s live career — especially as this was long before the internet made this kind of data collection much more feasible.

The book instantly became U2’s final authority on all things regarding touring history. On tour, I carry a copy in my work box and there’s always one on the band’s aeroplane, largely for solving arguments over important issues like exactly when we first played in Detroit, or the name of that club in Burton-on-Trent where Bono first went body surfing. It would also make us laugh too, like a family photo album, with its occasional painfully frank reports about certain events or performances.”

–Willie Williams in the foreword of U2 Live: A Concert Documentary

The third edition of U2 Live: A Concert Documentary, the definitive U2 reference book, is now available from Omnibus Press. The book includes information, anecdotes, and facts from virtually every single U2 show, from 1976 to 2003, including spontaneous performances with local bands, impromptu sessions with fans and friends, and acoustic jams during radio and television interviews. Filled with more than 500 photographs and insightful commentary, the book has been produced by U2 fans and is specifically designed to revive memories for anyone who has ever experienced a U2 performance.

The author of the new edition, Caroline van Oosten de Boer, talks with’s Cindy Trickel about the book.

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U2 video producer starts new company

Matt McGee of interviews video producer Ned O’Hanlon. O’Hanlon has been involved with U2 videos since Achtung Baby. Now Dreamchaser Productions, the video production company he co-founded with Maurice Linane, is closing shop. The ‘U2 Go Home – Live at Slane Castle’ will be their swan song. Chasing his own dream from now on, Ned’s starting a new company: Solo Too. Read on to find out who dies in the All I Want Is You video.

Bono joins Lanois on stage in London

Bono sang Falling at your feet with Daniel Lanois live at London’s Shepard’s Bush on Tuesday. Lanois is currently on tour in Europe.

Santiago Calvo reports from London:

“It looked very improvised- as he sang on Daryl’s microphone and didn’t know any or the lyrics or find the lyric sheet at his feet.

He also looked pretty drunk (and funny), and much hilarity ensued the “every drunk back on the booze” line.

A pity because he seemed in good voice and, more to the point, I had never heard Falling at your feet live. The crowd went mad anyway and clapped enthusiastically at the end.”

Alternative Radio Gods?

U2 could be a winner tonight at the 2003 Radio Music Awards, which recognizes the popularity of musicians on American radio. Nominees are chosen based on the amount of radio airplay they receive nationwide. U2 are nominated in the categories of Artist of the Year/Adult Alternative Radio and Song of the Year/Alternative Radio for “Electrical Storm.” The awards show airs live from Las Vegas at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Bono on Late Late Show

The Late Late Show on Irish RTE television will be doing a tribute to Irish film director Jim Sheridan on October 31st, the day after the Dublin premiere of his film ‘In America‘.

Bono is said to be appearing on the show. Andrea Corr and Gavin Friday will perform ‘Time Enough for Tears’ (“hotly tipped for the 2004 Oscars”) the song Bono co-wrote with Gavin and Maurice Seezer for ‘In America’.

The score for ‘In America’, including the song, will be released on CD on Atlantic Records in time for Thanksgiving.