Bono attends Wolf launch

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Bono, Gavin Friday and Marie Donnelly (Irish Hospice) attended the ‘invitation only’ launch of Bono’s Peter and the Wolf paintings exhibition at City Hall in Dublin on Friday evening. Introduced by Barry Devlin, Gavin thanked everybody involved, as did Marie Donnelly. Bono then read from a prepared speech.

The speech is reproduced in Christie’s auction catalogue. Its text is available on the Peter and the Wolf website.

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Our man on the scene reports Bono’s paintings looked brilliant. He especially liked the way Bono’s figures seem to emerge from the black of the images, good emerging from evil. The lovely forest flower detail on one of the paintings was applied by Bono’s daughters Jordan and Eve, both of whom were in attendance.

A small number of ‘special edition’ boxed sets were on sale at the exhibition for large sums of money.

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