Science Boy

Nicholas Negroponte, one of the founders of MIT Media Lab, was in Brazil last week to deliver a series of lectures on innovation and the future of technology. Magnet magazine interviewed Negroponte during his visit and asked him about Bono’s and The Edge’s involvement with Media Lab Europe.

“Bono has been an important collaborator, but it was very difficult for him to participate. His schedule was always full. It’s a pity he had to resign from the position [on the board of directors]; however, the addition of The Edge to the board has been very positive. When The Edge arrived, he made such a good impression. He is very knowledgeable about technology. He brings many ideas to the organization. His fame as a musician also provides a very interesting image to the institute. In general, he has brought a lot of inspiration to all at Media Lab. The Edge’s contribution will be important in the multidisciplinary field, helping to perceive how the research in technology can complement diverse areas of knowledge.”

–Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab

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