5th annual U2 Fan Christmas Card Exchange

Get some snail mail for Christmas (Chanuka, Kwanzaa, Etcetera…). It’s time for the fifth annual U2 Fan Christmas/Holiday Card Exchange.

To participate:

  • Send a message to u2christmas@hotmail.com with your snail mail (postal) address.
  • In the email, say what sort of card you’d like to receive (Christmas, Season’s Greetings, etc. or no preference). U2Christmas will email you with the addresses of fellow U2 fans to send cards to.
  • If you wish to participate, plan on sending at least 10 cards. Those who wish to send more cards should mention
    in their email how many they would be willing to send.

  • Please write in BEFORE DECEMBER 1ST if you want to be part of the Card Exchange. That way there will be time for cards to go to the very many countries represented in U2 fandom.

Last year, there were close to 200 fans in nearly 20 countries taking part.