Uncut Interview

In the January issue of Uncut magazine, Bono mimics Nigel Tufnel, describing U2’s new songs as “raw rock ‘n’ roll” dominated by guitars that go up to “Number 11” [reference explained in this QuickTime at Spinaltap.com].

In the Uncut interview, Bono explains why the band chose to work with producer Chris Thomas, describes the band’s method of recording this time around, and praises Edge’s guitar work on the new songs: “When you’ve got as much spleen and suffused rage as The Edge has, I think Number 11 was the only way to go.”

Elsewhere in the same issue, Bono chats with Karl Hyde of Underworld. The topic of their conversation ranges from haircuts and lip gloss to art and literature.

It’s Exit’s Christmas, baby

Exit, (who started out as a U2 tribute band) from Los Angeles, are making like Bob Hope and Vera Lynn before them. The all-girl group will be entertaining the U.S. and N.A.T.O. troops in Bosnia and Kosovo this Christmas.

Read all about it at U2lafans.com, where you can also see some pictures of the band’s guitarist and bassist getting a tour of U2’s studio in Dublin in November.

Bono {Heart} NYC Property

We are beginning to wonder about Bono. Does he want to be a New Yorker? Or just own a lot of the city? This year the U2 singer has purchased an apartment at the San Remo (see Big Bucks Buys…), a restaurant in the West Village (see Restaurateur Bono), and now is reportedly interested in available property at The Dakota, the building at which John Lennon lived and was murdered outside. If the story is true (we don’t believe it is), Bono will be forking over a bundle for a piece of the historic property.

Paris Match Interviews Bono


The day after the 46664 concert in Cape Town, South Africa, Bono submitted to an interview with Paris Match in his hotel room at the Arabella Sheraton.

In the interview (in French), Bono explains how he wants to be the voice of those in Africa whom no one can hear. He describes meeting Africans living with HIV/AIDS and his admiration for their positive attitude toward life. He also describes his admiration for Nelson Mandela, a man whom he says “possesses grace.”

In more revealing areas of the interview, Bono speaks frankly about having to expose his personal side to be an effective voice for Africa. “I’ve never been ashamed to show my feelings,” Bono tells Paris Match. He admits that he is not afraid of people learning who the real Bono is: “The people who know my music really well know who I am. I reveal all in my songs.”

We will try to provide a translation of the complete article once our copy of the magazine arrives.

Bono Appears on Today Show

This morning Bono got up early to speak to Katie Couric on the Today Show. Speaking from Washington, D.C., Bono explained that he was in the U.S. capital to again bring attention to the AIDS emergency in Africa and to encourage Congressional members to pass a spending bill that will provide money for a global fund to fight HIV/AIDS. Likening the current stall in funding to a fire engine at a burning building with the hose turned off, Bono said he believed that the United States will fulfill its promise to help Africa once the people in power move beyond the bureaucratic red tape and “bullocks.”