Sheridan: What I Think of Bono

In Variety’s special Oscar 2004 supplement, published this week, director Jim Sheridan writes about his experience promoting his new movie “In America.” Describing his appearance with Bono and Edge on the Late Late Show (see Friends Tribute Jim Sheridan and Back), Sheridan reveals how embarrassed he is not to articulate what he thinks of Bono when asked.

I appear with Bono on the Irish version of Leno. It is all going fine, and then I am asked a question for which I am totally unprepared: “What do I think of Bono?” “What do I think of Bono?” NO! What happened to: “This is your most personal film … was it a cathartic experience for you?” “What year did you first go to America?” These questions I have been asked over and over eight hours a day for five weeks. Answers to these questions come naturally, but “What do I think of Bono?” This is a film about my life and that’s why I’m on this show. I am not ready for a question about Bono…

“What do I think of Bono?” Well, I begin to think, he is a great ambassador for Ireland. He has done sterling work for AIDS worldwide. Understanding Ireland’s history of famine, he has helped alleviate the starvation in Africa. He is a great friend and a musical genius.

However, none of this comes out.

What does come out seems pathetic. “Don’t cross him,” I say, “he can be tough if you cross him.” He is smiling at me and I have no further words to say.