Bono surprises guests at Ebenezer Baptist Church

The King Center in Alanta is honouring Bono for his humanitarian efforts this weekend. Bono will receive his award at the 2004 “Salute to Greatness” Dinner in Atlanta on Saturday evening.

Bono surprised guests towards the end of a meeting at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta earlier this Saturday. Mrs Coretta Scott King had just completed a televised interview when Bono came in unannounced.

Embracing Mrs King he praised her civil rights efforts and said: “I haven’t had a mom in a long time, she volunteered to be mine.” Mrs King told the audience: “This is my son.”

Bono left with Mrs King for a private meeting. In the afternoon he visited local aid organisations as a representative of DATA.

Established in 1968 by Mrs. Coretta Scott King, the King Center is the living memorial and institutional guardian of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.