September song

It is looking more and more likely that U2’s new album will have an autumn release date.

Various sources have dropped the ‘September’ bomb this week — including Bono (as gleamed from our comments box), who apparently spoke to people in L.A. about some ‘personal commitments’ keeping him away from the studio.

One European record company source cites October and confirms our earlier news about the Superhero soundtrack. U2 may be recording their song for this soundtrack separately. Whether the song will be on their own album at all is unclear.

The latest to chip in is photographer Anton Corbijn. At a photoshoot with Japanese film director Kitano Takeshi for men’s magazine Maxim (Russian issue) in Rotterdam on Friday he told a Maxim editor he had been working on sleeve photography for U2’s album. He too stated it would be out in September.

On his personal site, Corbijn also mentions a photoshoot with Bono and The Edge in South Africa:

“… I did new photos with U2 but need to do some more – we worked in london this time which we had never done before but maybe it wasn’t the right place in the end. I joined bono and edge in South Africa 2 weeks ago and we had a incredible experience there. We visited some of the townships near cape town and, despite the incredible problems the people there face, there is still this optimism and strong spirit. Astonishing really if you see how people live and how much an impact aids has on those communities. Also we were invited to visit Nelson Mandela at his home and that was a magical moment for me.”