In Yer Face

Unless Steve Lillywhite has a magical wand, it’s going to be a while before U2 fans have anything to discuss. To keep you entertained in the meantime, we have scoured through our photo files from events has covered in the previous year to offer up photos no one other than the staff has seen. These photos were not published because they were flawed in some way, too similar to a photo that we published, or did not compliment the accompanying article. Looking at these photos now, we have found an interesting quality in many of them, which we would like to share with our readers.

Until there’s something of substance to talk about, we will publish these photos on occasion and provide background on them. We hope that, like us, you’ll find something interesting in these images.

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Event: UNA-USA Global Leadership Award Dinner

Date: October 8, 2003

Location: New York, New York

Photo taken by: Tasha Hindman for

The story behind the photo: Sometimes you can be too close to Bono. This photo was taken while Bono walked through the press queue and stopped to talk to our representatives before the event. The press queue was overcrowded, causing Bono to be pressed against our people (thus the extreme closeness).

Why we didn’t publish the photo with our report: Bono is missing part of his head. (Insert joke here.)

Why we’re showing it to you now: The photo illustrates Bono’s openness, a quality that fans admire. He’s not bothered by the fact that he is surrounded by people, all trying to get to him. He’s leaning inward to us, suggesting that he is completely comfortable with us (us=fans).