Heart on Fire

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This entry is for all the design freaks out there.

Although none of us at U2log.com are snazzy dressers, we do recognize stylish apparel when we see it. We were quite taken with the ornate jacket Bono donned in Atlanta last month.

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Event: Press conference for the King Center’s Salute to Greatness Awards Dinner

Date: January 17, 2004

Location: Hyatt-Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia

Photo taken by: First photo by Ruth Barohn; second and third photos by Cindy Trickel for U2log.com

The story behind the photos: Because he had been meeting with local AIDS charities, Bono arrived to the scheduled press conference late. He did not have time to remove his black, wool (possibly cashmere–we didn’t finger it) jacket before sitting down to address the press.

In the third photo, Bono is being presented with a framed copy of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Why we didn’t publish the photos with our report: The angle in the first (detail) photo is awkward. It’s hard to tell that Bono is kissing Mrs. King on the cheek. The second and third photos show too much motion.

Why we’re showing them to you now: We find the design of Bono’s jacket to be interesting. The first photo captures the lettering on the sleeve of the jacket. The second photo shows the design on the front of the jacket: a heart on fire. The third photo shows the design on the back of the jacket: a tree with lettering above it.

If anyone can translate the lettering or explain the significance of the design, please drop us an email.

Update: A few readers contacted us with a translation of the lettering down the sleeve. It reads “zhong guo chang cheng,” which in English is “The Great Wall of China.”