U2 Get the Japanese Treatment

As fans of Japan and its culture, we were interested to learn that U2 have been honored with a Japanese fan site — the first of which we are aware. U2Japan.com provides Japanese U2 fans with global news and information about the band. The site also offers translations of material from other U2 fan sites, including yours truly. (Arigatou!)

One interesting bit of news the site reports is the use of four of U2’s songs in a popular, daily Japanese news program called News Station. The program opens with “Where the Streets Have No Name” (in Japan, the song is called “Yakusoku No Chi,” which literally translates to “Promised Ground”) and closes with “Electrical Storm.” Sports segments are introduced with “Lady with the Spinning Head” and news flashes with “Discotheque.” So, on a daily basis, Japan is listening to U2.