New book ‘Crank it up’ includes U2 chapter

Clive Young, senior editor of Pro Sound News, has written a book about concert engineers. ‘Crank it up: Live Sound Secrets of the Top Tour Engineers’ will be published in May 2004, by Backbeat Books.

One of the chapters covers U2’s PopMart and Elevation tours, based on interviews with Joe O’Herlihy, U2’s sound man since 1978.

Besides U2, 33 different bands’ tours are profiled in the book, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Tool, Beyonce to the Dixie Chicks and the Sex Pistols.

‘Crank it up’ can be ordered through the author’s website, Amazon and other web based sellers and your local bookstore (ISBN 087930-778-1, Order Code 0879307781, $19.95)