McGuinness School of Rock trivia

We can’t heap enough praise on Britain’s ‘Word magazine’. This month’s The Smiths feature is simply da bomb, as they say. Now Word seems to have acquired more distinguished readers than just your editors.

In the latest issue, Paul McGuinness writes in to the readers’ page to comment on a feature in issue #15, ‘The A-Z Genre Dictionary’. He corrects the explanation of the term AOR:

“( … ) In fact it means Album Oriented Rock, not Adult Oriented Rock. And here’s a few more while we’re at it – AC is the name of the US radio format Adult Contemporary. CHR stands for Contemporary Hit Radio – confusingly also known as Top 40 or pop. Not many people over here know that … POMO is Post Modern (sometimes called Alternative). APM is Adult Post Modern. Triple A is Adult Album Alternative. Active Rock means hard contemporary rock. If you really want to get into this American Radio Format stuff you should ask my pal Jeff Pollack, consultant extraordinaire, to write a piece.”