Bono in Bill’s Book

Reader Dave W. sent in these quotes from Bill Clinton’s book My Life. Bono gets three mentions, which – as Dave notes – is three more than Oprah, who got cut from the manuscript.

Page 688: “When the event was over [a speech on the Trinity College Green near the Bank of Ireland], Hillary and I walked back into the majestic Bank of Ireland to greet Bono, his wife, Ali, and other members of the Irish rock band U2. Bono was a big supporter of the peace process, and for my efforts he gave me a gift he knew I’d appreciate: a book of William Butler Yeats’s plays inscribed by the author and by Bono, who wrote, irreverently, “Bill, Hillary, Chelsea — This guy wrote a few good lyrics — Bono and Ali.” The Irish aren’t known for understatement, but Bono pulled it off.”
Page 917: “By this time debt relief had an amazing array of supporters, led by Bono. By then Bono had become a fixture in Washington political life. He turned out to be a first-class politician, partly through the element of surprise. Larry Summers, who knew everything about economics but little about popular culture, came into the Oval Office one day and remarked that he’d just had a meeting on debt relief with “some guy named Bono — just one name — dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, and big sunglasses. He came to see me about debt relief, and he knows what he’s talking about.”
Page 924: Even Jesse Helms was supporting it [debt-relief], thanks in no small measure to Bono’s personal outreach to him.”