Bono’s Yellow Bling


We were intrigued to see in photos from the Boston One Campain launch (video too!) Bono sporting what looks to be one of Lance Armstrong’s “WearYELLOW LiveSTRONG” bracelets. The bracelet is being sold through the Lance Armstrong Foundation to benefit people living with cancer.

The bracelet went high profile recently when Armstrong wore it during his win of the 2004 Tour de France.

Watch Bono sing at DNC

If you want to hear 5 seconds of Bono singing at the Democratic Convention in Boston on Tuesday, go to whdhTV. Click video and select Tuesday’s 11.00 pm newscast. It’s about 5 minutes in.

There’s more in the Wednesday 6am newscast, at 6:23 and at 6:27 into the cast. (link via Brian Curran)

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  • Crazy U2 rumours of the week

    Whacked out U2 rumour season has definitely started in U2 fan land — and we like it. Tasty things we’re hearing from ‘anonymous industry sources’ (we’ll call ’em A.I.S. in future) and ‘absolutely nobodies’ this week are:

  • Euro tour to start in The Netherlands, June 6, 7 and 8, 2005
  • European single release planned for November 8
  • Single title: Vertigo (though some claim it’s ‘All because of you’)
  • Album title: How to dismantle an atomic bomb (though most claim it’s ‘Vertigo’)
  • Propaganda will be folding soon, U2 are working out how to do it.
  • And the wildest one yet: ‘Are U2 planning to film a video in Liverpool in August?’

    Add salt to taste.

  • Bono Performs in Boston and Makes Tour Announcement

    Last night Bono performed “Pride (In the Name of Love)” with the Boston Symphony Orchestra at an event honoring Senator Ted Kennedy at Boston’s Symphony Hall. Reworking the lyrics to acknowledge Kennedy’s brothers, John and Bobby, Bono dedicated the song to the Massachusetts senator and his sisters, Eunice and Jean. Bono also performed “The Hands That Built America” with Yo-Yo Ma.

    While on stage, Bono delighted the audience by announcing that U2 will kick off the band’s next U.S. tour in Boston in March 2005 — news to which we respond with a “Huh?!” (Reuters photo)

    Boston Trotting

    Bono will have a busy day in Boston today. This morning he will help to launch the ONE CAMPAIGN in the city and later appear at a tribute honoring Senator Ted Kennedy at Symphony Hall.

    A Nag in Shades

    “At the conventions there’s history in the making for both parties. That’s what people from around the world will be tuning in to hear on their transistors. That’s why I’m going to be there. I want to be a nagging presence in sunglasses, a visual reminder of people who have a life-or-death stake in what is and isn’t discussed on the convention floor.”
    –Bono, explaining why he will attend and speak about AIDS at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions

    Read Bono’s op-ed in The Boston Globe.

    U2 may be forced to rush release album

    The Edge and Bono have talked to Neil McCormick about the theft of the cd containing songs off their new album.

    Bono: “If it is on the internet this week, we will release it immediately as a legal download on iTunes, and get hard copies into the shops by the end of the month,” he told me. “It would be a real pity. It would screw up years of work and months of planning, not to mention fucking up our holidays. But once it’s out, it’s out.”

    McCormick also reveals more details on the circumstances in which the CD was stolen:

    “Apparently, the band were all posing in an empty swimming pool, 50 metres from the studio, when someone snatched the CD. French police were immediately called in to question a handful of suspects, including photographers, make-up artists, set builders and stylists.”

    More at (reg. req.)