Bits O’ Stories

Following up on some previous stories…One party named in the “Spider-man, the Musical” rumor has fessed up to the project being true. At the Ischia Film Festival in Italy this week, Julie Taymor admitted that she is, indeed, in talks to stage the show. If it happens, the show is two or three years down the road, she says.

…Don’t be surprised if the new U2 song you’ve heard on the internet (recorded in the wild winds of Dublin) doesn’t make it to the new album. Reliable sources tell us that the band are being indecisive about which songs to include on the new album and have not yet finalized the tracklist. In an effort to come to a final decision, the band have left Dublin for a location that– we hope, we pray–is conducive to good decision making.

If you are in the minority of fans who haven’t heard the afore-mentioned pirated track, you might want to visit to read Carl’s lyric transcription of the song, which fans have dubbed “All Because of You,” or follow the link to a cleaned-up (i.e., less wind-filled) mp3.