Crazy U2 rumours of the week

Whacked out U2 rumour season has definitely started in U2 fan land — and we like it. Tasty things we’re hearing from ‘anonymous industry sources’ (we’ll call ’em A.I.S. in future) and ‘absolutely nobodies’ this week are:

  • Euro tour to start in The Netherlands, June 6, 7 and 8, 2005
  • European single release planned for November 8
  • Single title: Vertigo (though some claim it’s ‘All because of you’)
  • Album title: How to dismantle an atomic bomb (though most claim it’s ‘Vertigo’)
  • Propaganda will be folding soon, U2 are working out how to do it.
  • And the wildest one yet: ‘Are U2 planning to film a video in Liverpool in August?’

    Add salt to taste.