U2 French Tour 2005

According to a reliable source, three French cities will be visited by U2 in 2005: Paris (Stade de France), Lyon (Stade Gerland), and Marseille (Stade Velodrome). Let’s consider this a rumour until someone official says otherwise.

A detailed tour schedule has not yet been revealed.

U2 album details in Q magazine

Q Magazine has published various details on U2’s upcoming album in their October 2004 issue, due to hit the newsstands in the next few days.

Q state that the album is released November 22nd and has eleven tracks of which they mention 6 by name:

  • Vertigo (the single)
  • Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
  • City Of Burning Lights
  • Man & A Woman
  • Yaweh
  • Crumbs From Your Table

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    On another page in the magazine we find the second month in a row of Postcards From the Edge. The series must be part of U2’s elaborate marketing strategy.

    (Thx to Aaron Govern)

  • Latin American Release Details

    Universal Mexico has confirmed details of U2’s forthcoming releases in Latin America, specifically for the countries of Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

    “Vertigo,” the first single from U2’s forthcoming album, is scheduled to be released in Latin America on September 24. In Argentina, “Vertigo” will be a national release; in Mexico, it will be available only as an import. Chile, unfortunately, will not have a single release.

    The new album will be released in Latin America on November 22 in the following formats:

  • Regular 1 CD version (local)
  • Limited CD & DVD (import)
  • Limited CD & DVD with a hardback book (import – limited quantity in Argentina and Mexico; no data for Chile)

    The vinyl edition will not be imported to those three countries.

    Like other Universal offices worldwide, Universal Mexico did not have any information regarding the title of the album or the tracklisting.
    (Nods to U2arg.com and U2Mexico.com)

  • The Perfect Mix

    Edge must have been hungry while the band were in the studio working on the new album. He had food on the brain when he sent a postcard to Q magazine, explaining how a great song is like a salad dressing. See his postcard, published in the September issue of the UK music mag, courtesy of U2achtung.com.

    What A Card

    Quick, there’s time to squeeze in some Web-zen silliness before the new album comes out! According to The 1980s Tarot, our man Bono is The Ace Of Swords. (Note: This is one of the greatest things we’ve seen on the Internet in a long while.)

    THE CARD: Bono Vox of U2 is a thoughful, logical, and undaunted Ace of Swords.

    MEANING: The Ace of Swords is like the other Aces in that it represents a new beginning or a new outlook. This new outlook is on truth, and strength, and intelligent, honest forcefulness. The Ace of Swords understands things clearly, faces his troubles squarely, accepts the truth whether he likes it or not and uses his brain to find a solution. An Ace of Swords in your reading ushers the outlook of the Ace of Swords into your situation- use it.

    (Via N.Y.L.P.M.)