What A Card

Quick, there’s time to squeeze in some Web-zen silliness before the new album comes out! According to The 1980s Tarot, our man Bono is The Ace Of Swords. (Note: This is one of the greatest things we’ve seen on the Internet in a long while.)

THE CARD: Bono Vox of U2 is a thoughful, logical, and undaunted Ace of Swords.

MEANING: The Ace of Swords is like the other Aces in that it represents a new beginning or a new outlook. This new outlook is on truth, and strength, and intelligent, honest forcefulness. The Ace of Swords understands things clearly, faces his troubles squarely, accepts the truth whether he likes it or not and uses his brain to find a solution. An Ace of Swords in your reading ushers the outlook of the Ace of Swords into your situation- use it.

(Via N.Y.L.P.M.)