Japanese Release Details

Universal Japan has announced details on U2’s upcoming releases in the Land of the Rising Sun. The new album is scheduled for release there on November 17 in the following formats (price listings per Tower Records Japan):

  • Regular 1 CD version (Island UICI-1037 / 2600 yen)
  • CD & DVD limited (Island UICI-9007 / 3500 yen)
  • CD & DVD limited with a hardback book (Island UICI-9008 / 5000 yen)

    The “Vertigo” single (Island UICI-5017 /1260 yen) will be available in stores on November 10.
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  • McCormick discusses U2 album

    Always good for a quote, Neil McCormick mentions U2’s new album in a preview of his upcoming interview with Hot Press Magazine:

    “All the song titles and the album title itself that have been circulating are wrong,” he reveals. “There

    Universal releases album and single details

    U2tour.de and U2achtung.com have published album, single and tour details as well as other tidbits, with their local Universal office’s blessing:

    The new U2 album will be released on November 22. Universal employees say they don’t know what its title will be. As mentioned earlier today, the first single promoting the album is called ‘Vertigo’. It will be released on November 8. Radio-release will take place September 24. The band plan to release a second single in February 2005, its title is currently unknown.

    The Limited release version will include a 48 page booklet. There will be a DVD containing a ‘Making of’ documentary as well as other not specified ‘visual content’. TV-footage (similar to the Boston TV-format) is planned as well.

    Publicity photos are taken by: Anton Corbijn und Andrew McPherson. The tour will start in March 2005, and will be announced in December this year.

    The last bit of info Universal revealed was that U2.com will be fully redesigned.

    Fans record sound of U2 album outside Bono’s house

    A minute and a half long song snippet from the new U2 album is doing the rounds of U2 fan forums and mailing lists. It was apparently stealthily recorded by Spanish fans (judging from the voices on the recording) outside of Bono’s house near Nice, France. The album could be heard blasting through the windows at full volume. The uptempo rock tune is said to be the song entitled ‘Vertigo’ and is reminiscent of the Achtung Baby outtake bootleg ‘She’s gonna blow your house down.’

    Spending Spree

    U2 are supposedly preparing to launch a huge publicity campaign for their upcoming album, reports The Mirror. A source told the tabloid that the band’s record company has approved a budget of

    Capturing an Emotion

    …As the driver navigates through [NYC] traffic, Bono shoves the new U2 album into the CD player and pounds his fist on the dashboard as the music blasts through the speakers. There’s a driving, rock ‘n’ roll vitality to the music, which is due this fall; a freshness that you hardly expect from bands in their third decade.

    Los Angeles Times’ music critic Robert Hilburn nabs an exclusive interview with Bono in New York and gets an earful.

    Unfortunately, Hilburn’s must-read interview, titled “Where craft ends and spirit begins,” may only be accessed online at the LA Times web site by subscription.

    When a web site that is less concerned about copyright permission than we are posts the full article, we’ll point you to it. (And here we point!) In the meantime, we can offer these interesting highlights:

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