Aussie tour, Dubya’s song, it’s da bomb

Australian fans’ hearts are all a-flutter with the rumours of the band taking in down under on their next tour. The Herald Sun claims ‘sources at the Melbourne Cricket Club say a major promoter has floated the prospect of talks about a proposed U2 tour’. While we’d like to stress this a rumour, we’ll also cross our fingers for our many Australian readers and collaborators.

We’ll use our other hand to stifle our giggling over George W. Bush’s ‘cover’ of Sunday Bloody Sunday.

With our feelers occupied we’ll just smile and nod our heads mysteriously as more circumstantial evidence (see atU2’s ‘Bits and Bytes’ post) for the projected title of U2’s new album surfaces.

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(If you’d like a gmail address too, drop us a line.) All gone, folks!