NME dismantles U2 album title

If you hadn’t sussed it from our lucky guesses and then (frankly rather tiresome) subtle hints over the last couple of months, you can now read it ‘exclusively’ at the NME website: U2 have named their upcoming album ‘How to dismantle an atomic bomb‘. And if that doesn’t convince you, U2.com say the same.

Just HOW does one dismantle an atomic bomb, anyway?

Why, with love and peace, naturally. Or else.

Also from the NME comes the news that U2 are on the 2005 ballot for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame; it’s their first year eligible. Of course, the NME apparently finds it more newsworthy that The Sex Pistols are on the ballot again, despite having been nominated and having missed the cut two previous times… but hey, consider the source. (U2 heroine Patti Smith and U2 contemporaries The Pretenders are also up this year. The final choice of nominees will be announced in December, with the ceremony — the Hall’s 20th — taking place in the spring.)