Watch Bono shake his thing have posted TV and newspaper coverage of U2’s video-shoot in the Delta de l’Ebre in Spain.

Our Spanish-speaking editor provides a wrap-up of the various reports:

U2 filmed a new video in Delta de L’Ebre, Spain on Tuesday and Wednesday, and endured some nasty weather in the process. On the first day it poured rain, and on the second day strong winds interfered with the shoot. On both days, the band and crew worked for more than 10 hours in a desolate landscape of deltas and dunes. Cranes, tractors, and even a helicopter were employed in the production.

Spanish site got the skinny on the shoot from a local producer who assisted the directors (Alex & Martin). The producer shared that Ned O’Hanlon attended the video shoot with his own cameras to capture the making of the video. The local producer also commented on Bono’s enthusiasm during the shoot, saying Bono provided ideas and advice to the directors the entire time they filmed.